The Flootzer pipe floater is made to keep pipelines, cables and hoses afloat. It is possible that you see different names for this product. Names as cable floats, pipe floats, hose floats or buoyancy bags are able to see. At Sailmaker de Wit we like to call them the Flootzer.

To produce a strong product we use strong PVC material so we can offer a high quality product. The floaters are inflatable and this will safe you a lot of space. When the floaters are not in use a lot of space can be saved.

As the name says the pipe floater keeps pipelines afloat. For each pipeline a floater can be used. First we have to look at the required buoyancy and total length of the pipe. When these data is known the type of floater can be determined.

Different pipe floaters

Two types of pipe floaters are available at Sailmaker de Wit. For hoses, pipelines and cables a type with one inflatable cylinder is possible. But also a Flootzer with two inflatable floaters is here. The two independent floaters are attached to each other due to PVC canvas. The pipeline will be situated between the floaters.

Our Flootzer pipe floater 600 is the most used one. This floater consists of two independent floaters and can carry a weight up to 600 kg. The product is of high quality and can carry heavy pipelines, cables and hoses. Before selling the Flootzer a test is done. We want to deliver our products with the best quality possible.

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Flootzer pipe floater 1000